In this day and age, life moves at a hectic pace. Each and every one of us has a lot going on, but when your man tells you he’s “too busy” for a relationship, it can be a big sign that mischief is afoot.

He's too busyBefore jumping to any conclusions, it’s important to get an accurate understanding of exactly what is going on in your man’s life. If he has stopped spending time with you and uses, “I’m too busy”, as an excuse not to see you, then it’s important to find out if he truly is busy or if he’s simply trying to create space because he has another love interest or simply isn’t that into you anymore.

Over time, it’s entirely natural for both partners to become slightly less infatuated and googly-eyed over one another. The newness of a relationship wears off, faults and flaws become apparent, and some of the excitement dissipates. However, if your man seems to constantly come up with excuses not to see you, then be forewarned. Trouble could be brewing. Read the rest of this entry