How can I get my girlfriend back?

You want to know what will work fast. You don’t want to be without her any longer than you have to be. But you don’t want to screw up and make a lot more mistakes along the way either.

So what’s a guy supposed to do to win back the one girl he truly cares about and misses when she’s not there?

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Repairing a relationship is much like heading out into the wild unknown to reach an exotic destination. There are many paths and roads that can get you where you’re going, but some routes get you there fast and direct while others take a more round-a-bout, scenic type of approach.

get your ex backAnd, worst of all, some routes are filled with landmines, pitfalls, and a host of other problems that can make getting there a lot more bumpy along the way.

If getting your girlfriend back in the shortest and most direct way possible is important to you, then repairing the relationship starts with you. It involves identifying what went wrong and doing your best to fix it.

Figuring out how to handle a breakup and reconnecting with your ex is futile if you aren’t willing to change and improve the relationship. There was a reason it didn’t work out the first time.

If you know anything about women, they absolutely MUST feel appreciated in a relationship. But maybe you didn’t make her feel appreciated.

Or maybe she didn’t make you feel admired or made you feel like she was trying to change you. Maybe there was infidelity and cheating by one or both of you. Maybe you just lacked good communication skills and could never quite see eye to eye on a lot of things or ended up fighting over stupid issues that weren’t really important and weren’t worth an argument now that you look back on them.

Regardless, there’s a reason the two of you broke up. To get your ex girlfriend back, you need to find that reason. And then you need to do whatever it takes to keep it from happening again.

Sometimes this is easy. Sometimes it’s hard. But failing to fix previous problems in the relationship will only lead to more pain, heartbreak, depression, anxiety, and hundreds of other negative emotions down the road once you get her back. You can sweep dirt under a rug, but the dirt is STILL THERE.

The same is true of a relationship. You can sweep past problems under a rug, forget about them, and pretend they never happened, but they’ll still be there. And eventually they’ll rear their ugly head again and all the effort you’ve put into getting your girl back will be for nothing.

How Can I Get My Girlfriend Back? An Important Tip To Keep In Mind

Never place blame on yourself or your girlfriend. Just don’t do it.

You might have done something wrong in the relationship and you may be well aware of it. But tearing yourself up over it isn’t going to help you win your girl back. What’s done is done. You need to accept it and move on.

It’s about getting involved in a new and improved relationship with your ex, not about trying to put a bandaid on old wounds. Chances are both parties could have done more to make the relationship work. Both of you probably made a lot of mistakes and said things you now regret. Let the past be the past because you can’t change it, no matter how hard you try.

How Can I Get My Girlfriend Back If I’ve Already Been Calling, Texting, And Emailing Her A Lot?

What if you’ve already been texting, calling, and emailing your ex girlfriend repeatedly? Can you still get her back or have you already ruined your chances?

getting your ex girlfriend backThe best thing to do is to pull away. Remove yourself from the situation and give her space and privacy. By contacting her all the time, you’re not allowing her to miss you.

Instead, you continue to be a bother that quickly becomes annoying because your girlfriend will feel pressured and smothered. And people run when they feel like they are being cornered…or they fight back.

If you’ve already made the mistake of contacting her too much, don’t let it stress you out. Again, you can’t change it so put it behind you and move on.

You can still get her back, but you need to get in the mindset of thinking about what’s best for her and not what’s best for you. She needs space even though you’d love to be by her side and it kills you not to be spending time with her every day.

By allowing your ex girlfriend to have space after a breakup, you keep yourself from appearing needy and desperate. And you don’t become a bother that keeps being a negative influence on her emotions. Let all the emotions cool down first or you risk saying or doing something that’s going to push her away for good.

Getting your ex girlfriend to take you back is a process. It takes time. It takes patience. But it’s worth it.

Don’t be afraid to invest in some help. There are many proven, step-by-step systems online that can help you win her back and make her more madly in love with you than ever before. We recommend starting with Text Your Ex Back.

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