In this day and age, life moves at a hectic pace. Each and every one of us has a lot going on, but when your man tells you he’s “too busy” for a relationship, it can be a big sign that mischief is afoot.

He's too busyBefore jumping to any conclusions, it’s important to get an accurate understanding of exactly what is going on in your man’s life. If he has stopped spending time with you and uses, “I’m too busy”, as an excuse not to see you, then it’s important to find out if he truly is busy or if he’s simply trying to create space because he has another love interest or simply isn’t that into you anymore.

Over time, it’s entirely natural for both partners to become slightly less infatuated and googly-eyed over one another. The newness of a relationship wears off, faults and flaws become apparent, and some of the excitement dissipates. However, if your man seems to constantly come up with excuses not to see you, then be forewarned. Trouble could be brewing.

Most people don’t like confrontation. This is true for both men and women. This fear of confrontation is what makes many relationships difficult and confusing at times.

Rather than tell someone how they truly feel about them, it is often much easier for many people to just come up with excuses. “I’m busy.” “I’ve got plans.” “I have to work late today.” “I’m tired and/or don’t feel well.” There are hundreds of excuses people will use to get out of spending time with someone they aren’t that into.

When a man truly loves a woman, he will make time for her, even if he’s busy. In fact, he’ll put many other things on hold to be with her. But keep in mind, he’ll choose to do this all on his own. You can’t force him to be there for you.

If you try to push or change a man, it will only end up pushing him away. If he truly is busy or has things in his life stressing him out that he feels he needs to figure out on his own, then pushing him to spend time with you can force him out of the relationship.

When this is the case, it’s important to try and be understanding, give him space for a while, be patient, do your own thing, and try to approach him when he can be more emotionally available to listen to you. Being understanding without being pushy will allow most men to open up to you and tell you what’s going on.

If your boyfriend continues to be distant and you can come up with no clear reason why he should be so busy, then there’s a good chance he’s lost some of his attraction for you. Perhaps he’s afraid to tell you how he feels or just doesn’t know how. Or maybe he’s involved with someone else, but is keeping you around as a backup plan.

Is there any way to know for sure?

Mobile spy softwareIn today’s day and age, mobile spy software exists that can get you the answers you need. This software allows you to spy on the texts your boyfriend sends and the phone calls he makes. And it’s virtually untraceable. One of the best is Spy Bubble Mobile Spy Software.

We’re not here to tell you whether it’s right or wrong to spy on someone. Rather, we’d simply like to inform you that the technology is available for those who wish to use it to have better peace of mind in their relationships. After all, if your boyfriend is cheating on you or if your ex is lying about how he’s changed and how he wants to get back together with you, then don’t you deserve to know?

Men don’t like to talk about relationships or feelings so if you approach him in this way, you will have very little success getting him to open up. Instead, use actions instead of words to let your man know how you feel.

Try becoming more distant yourself. Treat him more like a friend than a boyfriend. Make plans with your girlfriends and go out and do your own thing for a while. Give your man space and when you talk on the phone, keep it short and casual. You don’t need to be mean or snotty, but by acting as if you don’t care, you’ll often get the answer you’re looking for.

Either your man will feel you becoming distant like you’re slipping away and will take action to keep you or he won’t. If he doesn’t and continues to be too busy to spend time with you, then he’s probably not the right guy for you.

Women often want the perfect man who has everything and is good at everything, but he doesn’t exist. No man is perfect.

When the perfect man can’t be found, many women then want the successful man, but he’s usually too busy chasing success to be emotionally available which makes for a poor relationship. So then women get attracted to the man’s man, but he has his heart sealed off from feelings and emotions.

If you’re thinking about breaking up with your current boyfriend or wondering if a man you’re dating is someone worth pursuing more, then remember this: the man you truly want and need is the one who will give you his time, his attention, and most importantly his heart. He won’t make you his life, but he’ll make you a big part of it while letting you have your own sense of self at the same time.

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