If you have a strong motivation to get your ex back, this article can help you, regardless of your situation. Even if you feel like your situation is totally unique and your breakup completely hopeless, the 3 tips provided below will give you a much better chance of winning your ex back.

And it all starts with the belief that you CAN get your ex back.

Michael Griswold has an excellent video and audio course, The M3 System, to walk you through each and every step of repairing your relationship and getting your ex back. It’s a comprehensive solution if you don’t want to be without your ex another day.

While it’s true not every relationship is salvageable, you have virtually no chance of getting an ex back if you don’t have the confidence that it’s possible. But you have to find a way to avoid the many common mistakes that will push your ex further away.

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3 Must Know Tips To Get Your Ex Back

Avoid Falling Into Panic Mode

One of the most important things you can do to get your ex girlfriend or ex boyfriend back is to avoid falling into what is known as “panic mode”.

So what exactly is panic mode?

Panic mode refers to feeling like you need to act fast and do something immediately or you’ll lose your ex forever. It’s the feeling that causes you to take quick and drastic action that almost always backfires and ends up pushing your ex further away. In the end you’re left more hurt, more depressed, and more anguished over the breakup.


It’s a simple word, but extremely important when it comes to repairing a relationship. Just like relationships take time to build, they also take time to repair. There’s no reason to panic.

Even if your ex starts dating someone else, it doesn’t mean it’s over. In fact, when they start dating someone else and you don’t panic it can end up helping you get them back in the long run.

Avoid Contact And Take Some Time For Yourself

Trying to contact your ex immediately following a breakup can be disastrous if you want them back. When people realize they don’t want the relationship to end and they want to get back together, desperation usually causes them to become more clingy, needy, and desperate.

They beg, plead, apologize, buy gifts, and try everything they can to convince their ex to take them back. They call, text, and email repeatedly trying to get their ex to talk to them.

Are you guilty of this?

Missing someone is one the most powerful motivators for bringing someone back into a relationship. Your ex MUST miss you if you have any hope of repairing the relationship. They need to realize what they had and what they have lost now that you are no longer together.

By taking a break and not contacting them for at least a couple weeks, you give them time to miss you and you avoid coming across as desperate and needy through repeated texts and phone calls.

Patience Is A Good Thing

The first 2 weeks after a breakup will be the hardest to get through, but they are also the most critical for getting your ex back in the shortest time frame possible. It’s important to be patient and realize repairing a relationship doesn’t happen overnight.

You must learn to take baby steps rather than trying to repair the relationship overnight. Afterall, you don’t want to rush back into a relationship only to go through a second breakup. Instead, figure out what went wrong and start working on improving those aspects of the relationship as much as you can.

Work on yourself first. What can you do better? What will make you more attractive to your ex and make them want to be with you again?

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